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The Digital Wild

Austin, TX, trio The Digital Wild craft a deeply appealing genus of smokey dream pop, tinged with indie rock charm and power-soul bravado. Together Chantell Moody (vocals), Chelsea Seth Woodward (vocals/guitar), and James Blair (synth/guitar/electronic drums) weave together threads of the best of the last two decades of popular music to produce a rich tapestry of sound; both immediately engaging and profoundly nuanced.

When Woodward and Moody first met at Iowa State University in 2008 a bond was instantly formed, and, although they lived several states apart, they kept in touch. They reunited in Austin, TX in 2011, and soon enough The Digital Wild began to take shape.  Their debut record Into, produced by Alex Maas and Brett Orrison (Black Angels), was a bold declaration of intent, and quickly began climbing the charts at tastemaker radio station KUTX. Their reputation as a live band bloomed as well, and over the next year the band was featured at Fun Fun Fun Fest, X Games, and Sound Check, and at various Red Bull Sound Select showcase performances.

In 2015 the band won a grant through The Black Fret Organization to fund their sophomore release. They sought out multi-instrumentalist James Blair, and he proved a perfect fit. In the summer of 2016 the newly formed trio joined forces with producer David Butler at Matchbox Studios in South Austin, TX to record. Joining the band in the studio were Deano Cote (percussion) and beat programmers Jinx Mcgee and Michael Wisdom. The record was mixed by multi-platinum producer/engineer Brian Malouf and Butler.

Thematically, Tall As Trees traces broad arcs through the ideas of self-acceptance, finding freedom through being present, and building community. The record delivers a message of hope and truth, reflection and understanding, inclusion and growth. “We want to celebrate in the art we create” says Moody. “To inspire and be inspired. To share this all with whoever’s ears it may reach, and whoever’s heart may need it most.”

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Photo by Philip Edsel