tinyhuman | Shmu SHHH!!!! premieres at Stereogum
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Shmu SHHH!!!! premieres at Stereogum

Record out 10.30 on GTZ Records

SHHH!!!! The Game available now

US tour starts 10.30


“Shoegaze epics that sound like heaven and hit like hell. Masterful, inventive… its visionary stuff.”
– Stereogum

“Mind-bending, energetic music not for the weak of heart.”
– Surviving The Golden Age



AUSTIN, TX – GTZ Records is very pleased to announce that SHHH!!!!, the new record form Samuel Chown’s Shmu, can now be heard in its entirety at Stereogum. Dive in headfirst right here!

Shmu has teamed up with Lionel Williams of Vinyl Williams to create SHHH!!!! The Game, available for free download now via

“SHHH!!!! The Game is an alternate dimension that exists where SHHH!!!! The album is the infinite soundtrack, each room encompassing its own track encompassing its own space and so on” explains Chown. “The only goal is to make it to the last track! Fun for any computer geek or novice alike!”

  1. Download
  2. Allow access through security & privacy preferences, and then click open anyway
  3. Make sure your security preferences are unlocked
  4. Play; shift to go fast, arrows to motion where to go, mouse to move, click or space bar to jump


SHHH!!!! is set for an October 30th release, and a US tour in support of the album begins that same day in Austin, TX.