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Serge Gainsbourg

“There’s an ambition, a conceptual depth to Melody Nelson that’s incredibly hard to pull off, but which Gainsbourg does completely. It’s one of the greatest marriages of rock band and orchestra that I’ve ever heard.” – Beck French icon and national treasure Serge Gainsbourg is no stranger to sexual proclivities, and with his 1971 Histoire De Melody Nelson he shared an erotic tale as seductive today as the day it was released. Crafted with help from actress, amour, and inspiration Jane Birkin, arranger/conductor and co-conspirator Jean-Claude Vannier (L’Enfant Assassins Des Mouches), and a tight hand picked crew of top shelf UK session musicians; Nelson is often cited as Gainsbourg’s master work. With this lavishly packaged and true to the original artwork CD and (limited edition, hand-numbered) 180 gram LP reissue by Light In The Attic, Gainsbourg’s legendary semi-autobiographical homage to Nabokov’s Lolita will be available in the U.S. for the first time ever, brought to you beautifully remastered from the original tapes. Dispelling the countless myths, hearsay, and rumors surrounding Nelson, this reissue contains a 40-page booklet featuring extensive liner notes and informative content by Andy Beta and Andy Votel (Finders Keepers) explaining the times and tales behind the making of this passionate platter. The maestro himself even chimes in with the English translation of a period interview from France’s Rock N Folk Magazine (the only time Gainsbourg has ever spoken in detail about the making of this record) and dual language (French / English) printed lyrics. With its far-reaching inspiration touching everything from the quintessential rap of De La Soul and The Beatnuts to like-minded and eclectic singer-songwriter Beck, Nelson continues to entrance. Light In The Attic looks forward to continuing to spread Gainsbourg’s provocative message to thrill seekers the world over.


  1. Melody
  2. LA Ballade de Melody Nelson
  3. La Valse do Melody
  4. Ah! Melody
  5. L’ Hotel Particulier
  6. En Melody
  7. Cargo Culte