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On HELL YEAH, KMFDM once again redefine themselves while, at the same time, staying true to their roots. Their signature sound, a crossover between techno/dance and heavy metal is combined with sometimes political, sometimes ironic lyrics and an underlying humorous edge.


Pioneers, philosophers, trailblazers, in short: prophets always have to assemble their flocks abroad before they find due recognition in their homelands. This also applies to the German art form KMFDM. Whether in the US, Japan, Australia or elsewhere – for over a quarter of a century they are the epitome and synonym for a musical style of the harder variety: Industrial Rock.


During a multinational art performance, he was part of, Sascha Konietzko, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, founded a D.I.Y. project. Not just a band, but an overall art project. KEIN MEHRHEIT FÜR DIE MITLEID – which roughly translates to No Majority for the Pity. It was February 29, 1984 – KMFDM was born. Thirty odd years, eighteen records, hundreds of thousands of records sold and concerts obliterated (including a legendary run of dates with Ministry) later, relocations to Seattle, WA, New York, NY, and a return to Hamburg in 2008, and the KMFDM story continues unfettered until today.


Their first album, OPIUM 1984 was only made available in limited edition on cassette. WHAT DO YOU KNOW, GERMANY? (1986), was released by the British one-man label Skysaw. An album later (DON’T BLOW YOUR TOP – 1988), KMFDM was licensed to Chicago based label WaxTrax! Records. In 1989, UAIOE was released, and the band opened for Ministry on their US tour. NAÏVE (1990) brought KMFDM further success. With the release of MONEY in February 1992, KMFDM went through the roof. The album quickly surpassed the magic 100,000 sales mark, a remarkable success for an indie band from Germany, which is reflected in two consecutive, sold out US tours as headliners in the same year.


In October 1993, they released ANGST, and in 1995 NIHIL – the only KMFDM album so far, whose cover art doesn’t feature BRUTE!  In 1996 came XTORT (1996), followed in 1997 by a novelty in the sense of an album that had no real name, just 5 symbols instead.


On January 22, 1999 KMFDM declared their dissolve. April 20 released ADIOS. Fans all over the world kept wondering: Will this really be the last of KMFDM?


Konietzko moved to New York for two years. There he got acquainted with Lucia Cifarelli (ex-DRILL) and together with Tim Skold (ex-Shotgun Messiah) they did the futuristic one-off project MDFMK on Universal Records. In 2002, they relaunched KMFDM with much of the former league of collaborators featured on ATTAK. Blistering with new freshness and fighting spirit followed WWIII (2003). In 2004, KMFDM headed out on a mammoth party tour of the US, Canada, Europe and Australia marking the twentieth anniversary of KMFDM. 2005 they did it again with a world tour in support of the album HAU RUCK. 2007 marks the release of TOHUVABOHU, followed in 2008 by BRIMBORIUM.


In early 2008, to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the founding of KMFDM, the Käpt’n announces the release of “24/7″ – a series of 24 classic vinyl 7” singles. 2008 also features a new, dramatic turning point in the amazing career of KMFDM. Musical pioneer Sascha Konietzko returns to his own country, back to Hamburg, where it all began. And where the KMFDM story continues unfettered until today.


Since 2008, KMFDM’s Contribution to the ultra-heavy beat has been nothing short of prolific, producing four releases and two compilations, KMFDM has toured tirelessly across the US and Europe for festivals and headlining concert dates in support of each release; Blitz (2009), WTF (2011), Kunst (2013) and Our Time Will Come (2014).


When asked if he has any advice for up and coming bands Sascha Konietzko’s response is; “No, none. We just got lucky and met an incredible number of coincidences. I know only one thing: The future will always belong to those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty!“

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Photo by Franz Schepers