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Devin Sinha

“Sinha merges cultures, combines genres, and reworks his own talents to create music that most often transports you to the past but endures to the future.” – Elmore

Devin Sinha grew up in the verdant flatland of the Midwest, where he studied hard and earned a degree in Computer Science. On its own perhaps not the most unique tale, yet nowadays you’ll find him crafting elegant, heartfelt indie folk among the mountains and rivers of the Pacific Northwest. The road Sinha followed while chasing his muse is at once deeply personal and as old as the trees in his adopted home themselves.

Music was a perpetual undercurrent in Sinha’s life from an early age, dabbling in piano and trumpet in his youth. It was the fateful moment in high school when he first picked up an acoustic guitar, however, that his destiny unfurled before him. Shina pursued his newfound passion the ferocity of one who finds a love they never knew they’d missed, and soon enough he began trying his own hand at writing, drawing from a diverse breadth of influences.

The Seventh Season (2014), Sinha’s first studio album, reflects those broad influences, with electric guitar, choice drumming, and judicious harmony vocals fleshing out his immediately engaging indie folk. Thematically, the record traces Sinha’s transition to life on the west coast, with the seasons themselves as a motif throughout the album, both literally and figuratively; the album was conceptualized during Sinha’s seventh season in Seattle.

On Our Past And Present Futures, Sinha delves into the heady realm of choice versus fate, and the ephemeral nature of life – and time – itself. “One theme of the record that even permeates the title itself is the notion of how the choices we make now and in our past affect what options, opportunities, and, broadly, life is available to us in the future” explains Sinha. Time is a river, continually flowing, and it’s in the myriad tiny moments that make up this flow that Sinha finds his muse. “The light from the stars that only now reaches us is already years old. Whether it’s the flicker of a candle flame or the snap of a camera shutter, reality is a continuous transition.”

Our Past And Present Futures resonates with a self-reflective quality that’s right at home in the Pacific Northwest, and in fact the bulk of the record was written in Sinha’s home in Seattle and recorded at 1 Shot Studio in Woodinville, WA. Once again Sinha ventured beyond the common tones of the singer songwriter world, drawing on a sonic palate that includes pedal steel, dobro, and strings to lift and embellish the music. Sinha is judicious in their application, and their distinctive voices coalesce around an engaging melodic core.

Sinha’s temporal river has been flowing towards Our Past And Present Futures since that adolescent moment when his fingers first plucked a guitar string. As the notes he plays ring out across space and time we’re swept up with the current, our stories intertwining with his. “I always strive to write genuinely and honestly. Even the songs that aren’t strictly autobiographical have bits of my life in them” says Sinha. “I hope that people who hear these songs feel a connection, and know that someone else out there understands how they feel. Music is a uniting force, and through it we can all find solace in the knowledge that none of us are really in this alone.”

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Photo by Vera Pashkevich