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Starting this weekend, six Daytrotter alumni will go Barnstorming, setting off on a tour of select barns and attics in eastern / central Iowa (and Madison, Wisconsin – we just love that place!)

Looking back to heyday of rock and roll when no market was secondary, starting July 25th fans and music lovers in Daytrotter’s home state (and Wisconsin!) will have the unique opportunity to connect with some incredible acts in their small cities. It’s an idea inspired by old show posters, featuring proof that the Dave Clark Five, Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones and the biggest acts of their day played in Iowa cities like Fort Dodge, Monticello, Spirit Lake and elsewhere.

Daytrotter hopes to start a new tradition of taking great bands to the small dots on the map where they’ll be appreciated for their raw emotion and talent, turning barns and rooms into magical spots for an evening. One and all are encouraged to attend and caravan with the tour; grilling with, camping out, and staying at the same campgrounds and bed and breakfasts as Daytrotter and the bands. It will be five days that no one will soon forget.

All shows are all ages and FREE. Donations will be gladly accepted.

Daytrotter goes Barnstorming:

July 25 11 am — Davenport, Iowa: Morning performance at the Bix 7 road race course at the turnaround: 110 McClellan Blvd. (Performing — Local Natives) 6 pm — Maquoketa, Iowa: BARN Show #1: Biehl Farm, 3437 288th Ave. (Performing — Local Natives, Catfish Haven, Caleb Engstrom)

July 26 6 pm — Bellevue, Iowa: BARN Show #2: Mooney Hollow Barn, 12471 Highway 52, Green Island, Iowa  www.mooneyhollowbarn.com(Performing — Local Natives, Snowblink, Paleo, Catfish Haven, Stranger Waves)

July 27 6 pm — Madison, Wisc.: Attic show #1: 212 S. Henry St., Madison, Wisc. (Performing — Local Natives, Catfish Haven, Snowblink, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin)

July 28 6 pm — Iowa City/West Liberty, Iowa: BARN SHOW #3 at the Secrest 1883 Octogonal Barn, 5750 Osage St., West Liberty, Iowa; (Performing — Local Natives, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Snowblink, Mac Lethal)

July 29 6:30 pm — Coon Rapids, Iowa: BARN SHOW #4, Whiterock Conservancy, Riverhouse Barn, 1313 Fig Ave., Coon Rapids, Iowa – www.whiterockconservancy.org (Performing — Local Natives, Snowblink and Mac Lethal)


Coming at you from The Horseshack in downtown Rock Island, IL, Daytrotter brings you one band a day, every day – 28 Daytrotter Session songs each week.

Giving you exclusive, re-worked, alternate versions of old songs and unreleased tracks by some of your favorite bands and by a lot of your next favorite bands, Daytrotter contributes to the musical landscape, and doesn’t just toss it around like a used book or a stolen pick-up line.

These fine people, traveling through America’s heartland, take two hours out of their travels between shows to stop in for a session in downtown Rock Island, Ill. The name of the city is not ironic. They use borrowed instruments, play with their touring mates, utilize an often unkempt toilet, eat some food and then cram back into their vans for the last half of the drive. What they leave behind is a pile of ashes, sometimes a forgotten stocking hat and four absolutely collectible songs – song as they are on that particular day, on that particular tour; dirty and alive.

Recorded with minimal mic’ing, through discrete preamps and with some limiting, to the mixing console, they are printed to 1/4” analog tape running at 15 inches per second (usually BASF 468). There is no set formula or pattern to the recordings, and they are all live, no overdubs, straight to tape.

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