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Darling West

Darling West are at the forefront of Nordic Americana. The last twelve months of Darling West’s musical career can hardly be described as anything else than fantastic. Since the release of their second album, Vinyl and a Heartache they have played concerts all over the world, been listed on the biggest radio channels in Norway and appeared on the Top 100 Country charts in the US, been played more than two and a half million times on Spotify, been booked to the biggest festivals in Norway as well as Americanafest in Nashville, and won a Norwegian Grammy.

Always ambitious and restless, the band didn’t rest on their acquired laurels. Contrarily, they headed straight into the studio to record the follow-up to Vinyl and a Heartache. Darling West’s third album, the self-produced While I Was Asleep, contains ten new songs, and will be out February 16th, 2018.

Although they have added drums, the band stays true to their sound and still plays the sweet Americana/country/folk they are known for. Moreover, the new album demonstrates a revitalized Darling West, with more drive in the music and even catchier melodies than before – who would have thought that was even possible?

Darling West’s career continues to be on the up, and 2018 promises to be their biggest year so far. Preceding the album release is a visit to the Eurosonic music festival in the Netherlands and the release of the album’s fourth single, Loneliness. A return to Folk Alliance in Kansas City coincides with the album release date, and provides a fitting arena for the launch of While I Was Asleep.

“Their bedeviling, shimmering melodies are deceiving, juxtaposed against some heartbreaking lyrics.” – B-Sides and Badlands

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Photo courtesy of Jansen Records