tinyhuman | Dan Mills Something Good premieres at The Bluegrass Situation
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Dan Mills Something Good premieres at The Bluegrass Situation

Cambridge, MA – Dan Mills is pleased to announce that his forthcoming release Something Good (out July 7th) can now be heard in its entirety via:


Sincere and bittersweet, Something Good is a love letter to cheap wine and deep love, dive bars and indecision, quiet train rides, and the unwavering hope of the artist. Mills is a meticulous and prolific songwriter, and at thirty one he’s already written more songs than most writers will yield in their career. Mills grew up playing in bands around Providence, Rhode Island, but in 2007 he set his sights on Brooklyn and drove south. Soon he had a weekly residency, a four piece band, and his first proper album, Fiction In Photographs.

As a new staple in New York City’s downtown scene, Mills was unexpectedly recruited for the Broadway production of Million Dollar Quartet, a Tony Award winning musical inspired by the session that brought together Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for the first and only time. Under the music direction of Chuck Mead (BR549), Mills was immersed in the gritty sound and rich history of Sun Records. Recruiting a few more band members, Mills cut an even better record called Home Before the Rise of the Tide.

When Million Dollar Quartet closed it was only a matter of time before Mills found himself back behind a microphone recording the songs that eventually became his 2016 release, The Culver Line EP.

Those years of working away, refining his craft and defining his voice, have now brought us Something Good. The bulk of the record was written at Mills’ basement studio on Rivington Street on the Lower East Side. Any city is defined as much by its inhabitants as by its architecture, and any play more so by its players than its stage. As such, Mills looked to the myriad of musicians he befriended since arriving in New York for help in bringing his vision to life. Something Good features an incredibly talented group of guest artists, including LOLO, Mipso, Adam Day, Billy Woodward, and Jason Annick.