Rocky Votolato

In 2006 Seattle’s Rocky Votolato released a record of stripped down, country-influenced folk called Makers on indie stalwart Barsuk Records. The album went on to be lauded by both the main stream and indie press, with E! calling it “simply beautiful” and No Depression declaring it “surpassingly great.” In the five years since the records release Votolato has toured the country nearly endlessly, playing everything from rock clubs to living rooms. Along the way he released two more albums (2007’s The Brag & Cuss and 2011’s True Devotion,) both also critically praised and well received by a steadily growing group of dedicated fans.

Television Of Saints, Votolato’s newest effort, wears the tracks of those endless nights on its sleeve – yet communicates that hung-over wisdom with a newfound lightness and maturity. During his time on the road Votolato has developed a loyal, extremely devoted core group of fans across the US and Europe that love him for the personal impact his music has had on their lives. Building off of and inspired by that connection, with this record Votolato has created something real, classic, and timeless. Hard won truths resonate underneath the concrete images and visual color splashed throughout the lyrics.

Marking Votolato’s first self-released record, much of Television Of Saints was funded by a generous outpouring of love and support from his fans via Kickstarter. His relationship to the people he is making music for has never been so direct.

Teaming up with long time friend and producer Casey Foubert (Sufjan Stevens, Pedro The Lion) and with the help of an outstanding cast of musicians, including his brothers Sonny (Slender Means) and Cody Votolato (The Blood Brothers, Telekinesis), Television Of Saints delivers on the promise hinted at with Makers. Lean and to the point, Television Of Saints is both Votolato’s most intimate and most immediately accessible work to date.